Dittofeed can integrate with SendGrid to send emails.

Integration Instructions

Visit the SendGrid API Keys page https://app.sendgrid.com/settings/api_keys.

Click “Create API Key”, then select “Restricted Access”. Grant “Full Access” in the following categories.

  • Mail Send
  • Mail settings
  • Tracking

Then grant “Read Access” in the following categories.

  • Stats

SendGrid API Access

Click “Create & View”. You will then be directed to a page containing your API key.

Finally, add that same API key to Dittofeed on the settings page /dashboard/settings#email-channel.

Dittofeed SendGrid API Key

That’s it. At this point you should be able send emails with Dittofeed and SendGrid.


In order to receive sendgrid tracking data, you have to create a webhook in SendGrid.

Go to the Webhook settings page. https://app.sendgrid.com/settings/mail_settings/webhook_settings

SendGrid Webhook Settings

Create a new webhook with the following actions to be posted.

  • Opened
  • Clicked
  • Spam Reports
  • Dropped
  • Bounced
  • Delivered

With the Post URL https://dittofeed.com/api/public/webhooks/sendgrid or your own custom domain if you’re self-hosting.

Enable the “Signature Verification” feature. Save the webhook.

Sendgrid New Webhook

Now, re-open the webhook’s settings. You should see your “Verification Key”.

Sendgrid Webhook Verification Key

Copy that key and paste it into Dittofeed’s settings page /dashboard/settings#email-title and click save.

Sendgrid Verification Key Settings