Dittofeed can integrate with Resend to send emails.

Integration Instructions

Visit the Resend API Keys page https://resend.com/api-keys.

Click “Create API Key”, enter a new key name, select “Sending access” under the Permissions dropdown, and choose a sender domain from the Domain dropdown.

Resend API Access

Click “Add”. You will then be shown a “View API Key” modal containing your API key.

Add this API key to Dittofeed on the Settings page /dashboard/settings#email-channel.

Resend Config

Finally, select Resend as your default email provider.

Resend Provider


To receive Resend tracking data, you’ll need to create a webhook in Resend.

Go to the Webhooks settings page. https://resend.com/webhooks

Create a new webhook with the following actions to be posted.

  • Bounced
  • Clicked
  • Complained
  • Delivered
  • Sent
The “Opened” action can also be used, but it is not recommended as it can drastically reduce deliverability. Additionally, Dittofeed does not currently support the “Delivery Delayed” action.

Resend Webhook Settings

Use the Post URL https://dittofeed.com/api/public/webhooks/resend or your own custom domain if you’re self-hosting.

Click “Add” to add the webhook.

You’ll be redirected to the page for your new webhook. Copy the signing secret.

Resend Webhook Signing Secret

Paste the signing secret into Dittofeed’s settings page in the “Webhook Key” field /dashboard/settings#email-title and click save.

Resend Config

Here’s a video showing the full setup.