Dittofeed 2024 Roadmap (Q1-Q3): This roadmap is provisional and may be adjusted, particularly for objectives in later quarters, to align with strategic priorities.

2024 Roadmap

☑️ = in development | ✅ = in production

Q1: January 1 to March 31

Webhook channelNew message channel supporting arbitrary requests to user-specified APIs.- ✅
Low code template builderAllows members to build email templates in a low-code interface without manual encoding in MJML.- [ ]
Performance work on time-based segmentationOptimization of computePropertiesWorkflow to reduce segment update times.- ✅
Basic White Labeling SupportAllow workspace members to provide their own branding, for the dashboard.- ✅
AWS SES SupportSupport SES as an email service provider.- ✅

Q2: April 1 to June 30

Complete git-based workflowsAllows members to manage journey, segment, and template resources via git, including branching workflow for merging.- [ ]
Identity resolutionEnables joining of users based on traits or behavior, important for identifying anonymous users post sign-up/sign-in.- [ ]
User groupingProvides a way to represent a collection of users (e.g., club, company, team) for segment membership conditions.- [ ]

Q3: July 1 to September 30

LLM IntegrationDrives the generation of journeys, segments, and templates.- [ ]
Granular Permissions ModelEnhances the permissions model for more restricted access to the dashboard.- [ ]
Embeddable ComponentsEnables embedding of Journey Builder, Segment Builder, Template Builder, etc., into third-party apps.- [ ]