Journeys are the basic building block for messaging automation in Dittofeed. You use them to configure who gets messaged when and with what.

  1. Overview
  2. Journey Nodes
  3. Journey Status


At a minimum journeys contain an entry node, and an exit node.

Minimal Journey

By itself, this journey does nothing. That’s where a message node comes in.

Minimal Useful Journey

There are other journey nodes which are available, and we’re adding more all of the time!

Journey Nodes

Journey Status

Journeys can have one of the three following statuses

“Not Started” → “Running” ↔ “Paused”.

Journeys begin as “Not Started”, and can be started so that they’re “Running”, at which point they can be “Paused” and unpaused.

Journey Configure

Not Started

Users cannot enter a journey until it is Running.


Users who satisfy the entry node’s segment can enter the journey.


Additional users cannot enter a Paused journey. Useres already in the journey will progress through it as normal, up until the user would receive a message. At this point, if the journey has not been unpaused the message will be skipped and the user will prematurely exit the journey.