Dittofeed’s git based workflows allows your whole team to make changes to your user messaging safely and reliably, while providing an easy way for your whole growth team to collaborate effectively with its engineers.

Check your messaging resources into git, make changes in a branch through the UI, and then submit a PR to github. We’re thankful for the great work done by the team at Retool, which served as inspiration for this feature.


Here’s a short demo fo the feature in action.


Using Dittofeed’s git based workflows involves the following steps.

  1. Create branch in UI.
  2. Modify resources (segments, templates, journeys) in the UI.
  3. Click “Commit and Push”.
    1. Shows changes Modal.
    2. Click submit to push to github.
  4. Click open pull request.
  5. Get approval and wait for tests to succeed.
  6. Merge pull request.
  7. GitHub app polls main, pulls new config, and deploys changes.

Get in Touch

This feature is in active development. We’d love to hear your thoughts and get your feedback. Our team is available by appointment (“Book a Call”), and by email at [email protected].