The performed segment node allows you to target users who have performed a specific action.

Example Use Case - Created Their First Project

Imagine you’re building an application. Your application internally has “projects”. You want to target users who have created their first project with instructions on how to make the most of your application. You might then create a performed segment on the PROJECT_CREATED event.

Performed Segment

Path Syntax

Paths use JSON path syntax as documented in the JSONPath specification, with one deviation.

If the path starts with a $, it is treated as a JSONPath expression. Otherwise, it is automatically prefixed with $.. So, for example, the path $[0].title and[0].title are equivalent.

Prefixing the path with $ is optional, but it is useful when your path contains whitespace or other characters that are not valid in JSONPath expressions. For example, the path $['property name with spaces'] is valid, but ['property name with spaces'] is not.