“Or” segment nodes allow any users to join the segment if they satisfy one condition “Or” another condition.

Example Use Case - Onboarding Call

Let’s say you have a SAAS business, and you have a complex onboarding process that your users typically need help with. You may want to email your users with a link to book a call with your team to assist them in onboarding.

You may want to then send them a followup reminder email if they haven’t booked a call within 7 days or achieved the original goal of onboarding. This will guarantee that your users will not receive irrelevant emails, if they have already onboarded.

You could model this logic with the following segments, and journey.

You’ll use an Or segment, to represent users who have booked a call or onboarded.

Or Segment Example

A segment for users who have onboarded,

Onboarded Segment Example

A segment for new users,

New Users Segment Example

And finally, putting it all together, your journey.

Onboarding Call Journey Example