Segment is one of the most popular available “customer data platform”s - “CDP” for short. Segment serves as a centralized repository of user data, sourced from, and available to a variety of marketing, and analytics platforms - including Dittofeed.

Feed user data from Segment into Dittofeed to start sending users messages.

Using a Self-Hosted Webhook Destination

You can send a self-hosted Dittofeed installation user data with a Segment webhook Destination.

Check out Dittofeed’s guide on self-hosting.

Dittofeed receives segment data from its POST /api/public/webhooks/segment endpoint. To receive data from Segment, this path needs to be exposed to the internet by public dns.

Configure Segment to send its event payloads to your Dittofeed installation, POST /api/public/webhooks/segment. For example,

Segment Webhook URL

Next add a shared secret to Segment.

You can generate shared secrets using password generators, like 1password’s

Segment Shared Secret

Finally, add that same shared secret to Dittofeed on the settings page /dashboard/settings#segment-source.

Dittofeed Segment Shared Secret

That’s it. At this point your Segment payloads should be flowing through Dittofeed.