Workspace members can pull data from databases (such as PostgreSQL and MySQL) or data warehouses (such as Snowflake, BigQuery, and Redshift) into Dittofeed using the Polytomic integration. This empowers Dittofeed workspace members to flexibly submit new events, without having to rope in an engineer to add more event tracking to their application’s production codebase. This is especially useful for teams who have limited engineering resources.


To get started, read Polytomic’s documentation to learn how to connect it to your database or data warehouse. Once you’ve connected Polytomic to your database or data warehouse, you can use the Polytomic integration to feed data into Dittofeed. The Polytomic’s Dittofeed docs can be found here.

Supported Data Sources

The Polytomic integration supports the following data sources, among others:

Polytomic also allows users to pull data from common SaaS tools, such as Stripe, Hubspot, and Salesforce. You can find a full list of supported data sources here.