Workspace members can send data directly to Dittofeed’s segment compatible API. This is useful if you want to circumvent an external source integration, like Dittofeed’s segment integration.

This source of Dittofeed events is especially useful when self-hosting, as it allows you to send user data to Dittofeed without it ever being sent to a third party server.


Dittofeed’s API is compatible with segment’s API.


Dittofeed’s API uses Write Keys to authenticate requests. You can find your Write Key in your workspace settings /dashboard/settings#settings#write-key-title.

Include write keys as an HTTP Authorization: Basic ... header in your requests. It’s safe to include this write key in your client (e.g. your web client javascript payload).

For example, you can use the following to submit an identify request to our demo workspace:

curl -H 'Content-Type:application/json' \
     -H 'Authorization:Basic Y2M4MzBjOTItYTI5Mi00NjczLWI0ODUtY2E2YzNiNTkzOGNmOjQzN2ViMjFiNDQzZTQxNDY=' \
     -X POST \
     -d '{
         "userId": "'$(uuidgen)'",
         "messageId": "'$(uuidgen)'",
         "traits": {
             "email": "[email protected]"
     }' \


Dittofeed’s API’s can be conveniently accessed with platform specific SDK’s.